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Professional senior care services in Toronto and the GTA
Comprehensive Home care services in Toronto and the GTA
Elderly Care Solutions for Senior home Care in Toronto and the GTA
Personal Care and Senior care services in Toronto and the GTA

Home Caregivers, Support Workers and Nurses at UHH are highly trained to provide professional senior care services. With our complete senior home care supervised by Owner and Nurse Maya, aging elders can live active & independent life. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever you need us. Our daily care report to you keeps you informed all the time.

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With services that include taking care of day-to-day activities like maintaining personal hygiene, administering medicine routine & more, our Alzheimer’s & Dementia care services are designed & executed by a team who are trained in providing senior care services to individuals with these conditions. Available 24×7, we are available wherever & whenever you want us.

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If your loved one needs overnight companionship and personal care, our experienced & trained caregivers ensure they sleep peacefully. We offer personalized overnight care, whether bedside sitting in long-term care facilities or in-home assistance. Rest assured, our senior care services expertise in elderly overnight care provides you with peace of mind.

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We understand how demanding senior care and elderly companionship care can be. That’s why our respite care services for seniors ensure your loved one receives compassionate and attentive care when you take a break & recharge. And you’ll be able to do that only when you know your loved one is in good hands. Someone who has a reputation of providing trusted and professional senior care

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At UHH we provide holistic elderly care solutions from senior home care to senior foot care. As part of our Comprehensive Home Care, our Certified Foot Care Nurse comes to your home, Reactivation Care Centre, Retirement Home and Long Term Care Home. As a trusted senior healthcare in the community, you can relax and enjoy the convenience of our elderly foot care services at your doorstep – wherever you age. Our service is more than just toenail cutting and clipping.

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Diabetic foot care is a kind of care that needs professional knowledge & expertise. And that’s exactly what our nurses provide as our nurses are certified in Basic and Advanced Diabetic Foot Care. Our registered nursing professionals offer personalized diabetic foot care in your home, community, and clinics & make sure you have happy & healthy feet.

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We at UHH, think beyond just being the best foot care provider. For us, it’s all about serving a community. Think of us like an extended family member, who wants to educate & make the community aware about senior foot care. That’s why we partner with Long Term Care homes, Retirement homes & not for profit community centres to set up elderly foot care clinic to provide senior foot care to all residents.

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Elderly foot care services in Toronto and the GTA
Diabetic foot care and in home nail care for seniors in Toronto and the GTA
Senior toe nail and senior foot care clinic in Toronto and the GTA


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Our certificate program in Basic and Advanced Diabetic Nursing Foot Care with Basic Wound Care is designed for nurses already registered with College of Nurses of Ontario CNO but who want a flexible work schedule, predictable work hours or want to start their own small business of serving the seniors in the community. This program helps government address the shortage of foot care nurses. We are the only Foot care nurse course and Foot care nurse certificate program that covers Wound Care.

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We provide on-site training at LTC homes and retirement facilities for Personal Support Workers and nurses, ensuring residents receive the best care possible. We train healthcare staff in Dementia Care, Foot & Wound care & also sharpen their skills to become technology friendly.

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Theresa auTheresa au
21:37 12 Jul 24
the girl who helped me was very professional. I will introduce to others who may need the service.
Jevan BhagwatJevan Bhagwat
22:46 10 Jul 24
The service my father received from Universal Health Hub was exceptional. He was treated with kindness and respect and his needs were attended to with a high level of professionalism. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Adam SorrentiAdam Sorrenti
23:49 08 Jul 24
The nurse practitioner was excellent knowledgeable and caringI highly recommend this firm for foot care
03:24 07 Jul 24
How do I describe my experience?Poor English skills. Didn’t tell me cost before starting, cut my foot, used a corn sander on my feet yet I have none of that stuff. Then used a construction dremal on all my nails like they do when you get fake nails and you are never supposed to use this on a Diabetic who can’t even tell you if it hurts.Tools were not in the sterilized packaging but in a Tupperware type container.I now have an infection in my great toe which is causing me severe pain and is taxing on my body. Like i said before I am diabetic and I am also paralyzed so my healing is impaired at least by 50% when you compare it to others who are the same age as me.Regarding billing they will hound you within a couple of days of getting the service done and do not care that you are getting paid on X date they want it now.Also what ever happened to name tags and introductions? The teenagers who work at supermarket check outs have more respect.I go to my doctors office for FREE foot care by a Chiropodist in their Diabetes Team and she never uses electric tools just her skills. Footcare is not a pedicure it’s a medical procedure that must adhere with the needs of each and every patient. What works for one may not for another. Some patients may not want your lotion but their own. Sometimes soaking nails helps some patients.For me its not scraping and dremaling like I am a wall but silver nitrate is the best for me with someone who is skilled.
Svitlana PrykaskaSvitlana Prykaska
07:07 07 Jun 24
Wonderful experience with Maya, kind, knowledgeable, patient. Offering help and asking how are my feeling about program and field.
Tech HelperTech Helper
13:52 22 May 24
My appointment was great. The lady that did my nails was polite, careful and did an amazing job. I would definitely use them again and recommend them! Thank you.
Ian CollinsIan Collins
22:39 26 Apr 24
My 89 year old uncle had developed bad toenail fungus and other toe problems. Maya attended and did a wonderful job. She corrected all problems. She worked with kindness and care dealing with my uncle who is not the easiest patient. He liked her very much and fully cooperated with the procedure because of the professionalism of the attendant. UHH operates in a professional and efficient manner in booking appointments and making arrangements. The cost was reasonable. We intend to use UHH for continuing footcare for my uncle into the future. I highly recommend them. Thank you to UHH and Maya!!
Susan DeiterSusan Deiter
14:44 24 Apr 24
Universal Health Hub is wonderful. They offer so many services from going to your home or hospital if your loved one is there to do manicures and pedicures to having someone for home care. I have both services for my husband and my health care worker comes on her scheduled days, is never late, works very hard and interacts wonderfully with my husband who is 90 and has dementia. I would give Universal Health Hub a reference any time.
21:39 25 Mar 24
Fantastic Service, love the personal touchWonderful Service
Twin PowerTwin Power
18:59 20 Mar 24
I do recommend this place for foot care our nail care. The nurse who is giving you the care will explain everything to you before they put something on your feet. And they are so polite to.
Christina DChristina D
14:29 19 Mar 24
I recently arranged foot service for my elderly parents at home, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with the experience. The nurse provided exceptional care, demonstrating meticulous attention to cleanliness, careful handling, and attentiveness throughout the session. Their commitment to hygiene was evident in every step, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for my parents. The end result was truly excellent, leaving my mom and dad feeling rejuvenated and grateful. I highly recommend this service to anyone seeking top-notch care for their loved ones. Highly recommend.
Twin PowerTwin Power
21:55 17 Mar 24
Gursimrat GillGursimrat Gill
20:18 13 Mar 24
Thank you so much for all your help Maya. I had received my NEI fund grant yesterday. I took some time but I got it after few months wait. Thanks for always checking with me regarding any update this fund.
Deb LaineDeb Laine
16:21 13 Mar 24
Responds quickly to any requests, questions or concerns.
15:36 05 Mar 24
Was a privilege taking my Footcare course at Universal Health Hub. Maya the instructor was very insightful, she is very patient when teaching, gave me a chance to demonstrate what l had learned. You learn from real people which gives a better understanding of what you’re actually learning. Training hours are according to your own schedule which is good if one has a full time job. Locations for training are also very accessible.After completing the course l received a tuition refund grant of 1200$ from WeRPN where l am a member. I am forever glad l took this course and I would recommend Universal Health Hub anytime any day to anyone looking to Footcare care❤️
Barry MoscoeBarry Moscoe
16:14 27 Feb 24
Fantastic service by a very competent nurse with a great personality 😁
Marti ZentaiMarti Zentai
19:59 02 Feb 24
It was so easy to book an appointment with UHH for my father’s pedicure.We had our 2nd appointment with UHH for my father’s mani, pedi. Maya handled everything with care and professionalism. She did a great job for my dad as he is new to having these services. I will be using them again in June.Thank you for all your help!😊
Ninette FernandesNinette Fernandes
22:08 21 Jan 24
I am very happy with the services from Universal Health Hub. They come periodically to take care of My Dad’s foot. He is 84 years old. Dad’s nails look clean and cut and the foot is well taken care. The foot care service is excellent. Thank you!
Leanne MarangonLeanne Marangon
20:01 20 Dec 23
Very polite personnelAnswered by inquiry quicklyAppointment made within 48 hoursExcellent communicationGreat workDefinitely recommend
The foot care service my mom received was exceptional. The nurse Maya was very knowledgeable and professional. The service is reasonably priced and we will use them on continuous basis.
Victoria FoficVictoria Fofic
19:40 04 Dec 23
P JayeP Jaye
20:00 01 Dec 23
They provide footcare at Homecare Hub home in Scarborough. Work is extremely careful and clean. I recommend!
Hetvi GabaniHetvi Gabani
20:20 29 Nov 23
16:27 29 Nov 23
UHH was very accommodating with the appointment date and time. My mom had footcare and hand care which were performed with great care and efficiency. Mom is diabetic which requires proper treatment. I am very happy with the at home service and do not hesitate recommending UHH to anyone requiring home care
carole kochutacarole kochuta
23:15 23 Oct 23
Completely satisfied with the time Maya took to trim my father’s tie/finger nails. It was not an easy task, but she did an excellent job. My father dozed off during the session and was totally relaxed.
jisha koruthjisha koruth
15:08 18 Oct 23
I completed my foot care course with Maya. It was a very good learning experience especially encountering various foot conditions and their treatment.
Mary RucchettaMary Rucchetta
19:24 17 Oct 23
When my mother in law broke her wrist and needed immediate home care, Maya responded promptly with service beginning that same day!Very compassionate and professional staff! I recommend Universal Health Hub for personal care needs for an elderly family member!
Nicole DucalasNicole Ducalas
21:10 04 Oct 23
The program is flexible, and has a more affordable rate compared to other Foot Care institutions. The length of the program is about 1.5 month, but you can definitely finish earlier than that if you work hard and are determined to finish faster. You can do it even when you have a job or working. Maya is nice, professional and answered all questions I had in mind and gave helpful insights. She is approachable, you can ask her anything. The placement helped me decided where I wanted to work after. I received my Nursing Education Initiative (NEI) educational grant few months after I finished the course. I was surprised with the grant application process, I thought it’s going to be a complicated one, but it was very quick and easy! Maya guided me throughout the process and provided me with all the documents I needed.
Rose BattistonRose Battiston
10:22 21 Sep 23
My mother receives Footcare service from Maya and she is very gentle and caring. She is always providing us with helpful information.
Choedar ChoedarChoedar Choedar
02:04 04 May 23
I am in the Advanced Footcare program and I highly recommend it! I had a great experience as well as trained by experienced and reputable instructors. They are very accommodating, friendly and explain the material presented at a very understandable level. Especially Maya who was my instructor! At my practice she presents the material very well and shows great concern if there is anything I may have trouble with. Overall, if you are thinking about applying the program, go for it! You will enjoy !
18:28 26 Mar 23
Thank you so much for looking after my motherinlaw.You gave her a awesome pedicure we were so impressed by the results and the customer service.Awesome job
Maria ZangolliMaria Zangolli
01:10 08 Mar 23
Universal health hub has been very helpful and Excellent service. Would definitely use them again.
Boot CampBoot Camp
15:20 24 Jan 23
My wife and I had universal health hub come to our home for foot care. Maya showed up on time and explained what was important about our foot care needs as diabetics. She was very polite, knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk to. She has done extensive studying and in our opinion has seen most problems to do with foot care. Do not hesitate to use this company as we are extremely pleased with their painless service.
Gloria BurnsGloria Burns
17:56 20 Sep 22
When my husband (Wayne) was diagnosed with Alzheimer`s in 2019. I was suddenly faced with so many unknowns around his ability to cope with day to day living due to his memory being affected. I have been exhausted and stressed. Since the phone call to Universal Health Hub it has made a difference. Nurse Maya, very lovely and extremely sensitive asking Wayne questions. Her assessment skills meant my husband Wayne will be receiving the care he needs. I never knew I could get help. We had a visit from a caregiver named Faith. Faith is extremely friendly, caring, compassionate and makes Wayne feel comfortable. Spending quality time playing cards, talking, going outside for a walk and even trying to put a puzzle together. She has also given me good advice in certain situations. We are happy to have Faith our caregiver for Wayne. Just a note of thanks for your dedication.
Anita FilipeAnita Filipe
14:41 11 Jul 22
Excellent service provided. Gentle care with my mother and amazing job. She loves the pampering. Very warm and polite. Would highly recommend.
Kala GengaKala Genga
03:40 12 Jun 22
Other home care providers would give me different prices for evenings, weekends and holidays but Universal Health Hub gave me one flat rate throughout the care hours. This gave our family peace of mind to plan our finances. Amazing Service!
Victoria AgabalyanVictoria Agabalyan
18:19 11 Jun 22
Universal Health Hub doesn’t seem to send just caregiver; I can see the skill in the care UHH provides. Culture competency and cognitive empathy is visible in their care. Thank you for your work!
Ashisha BalchandaniAshisha Balchandani
04:51 14 Feb 22
“I Highly recommend Universal Health Hub Services. They have been 100% transparent and easy communication online with family on daily care provided. Also, like how the staff takes daily self COVID screening seriously. Gives me and my family the peace of mind. I would recommend them to all those looking for services for elders, kids or anyone need of support be it PSW, nursing, meals, walks or even just someone to talk to.”
Derek LamDerek Lam
20:35 06 Feb 22
UHH provides a much needed service for elderly friends that have been confined to their home ever since the pandemic. Most of the time they are fine, but sometimes they just need a bit of support. UHH makes it easy to arrange and a HSW to help with basic needs like shopping, meal prep, and a friendly face to talk to has just been life changing!

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