We value Culture Competency

We value Culture Competency

Why we value culture competency in caregiving: Canada as we know it has become a very diverse landscape, Ontario has a mix of all walks of life given the influx of immigrants that have entered the province stemming all the way back to the 1950-60’s as well as the new ones entering. What does this mean for our aging population? It would be nice to have a familiar face but not just a face, someone who also understands your cultural norms that you have been accustomed to. At Universal Health Hub, this is why we value culture competency and give special emphasis on building culture competency of our caregivers.

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Cultural competence summed up is a skillset that enables a person to effectively deal with someone outside of their own culture. Social and non-verbal ques are mostly what we deal within the care giving environment thus one must be able to know or catch on to these when they are presented. Having come from or having knowledge of a person’s culture background plays a decisive role on the quality of care that one may be able to provide. As each person’s cultural norms are different from the other the ability to feel more comfortable and recognize that you are understood despite having challenges makes all the difference in the day-to-day life of a senior. Why is this important; having this skillset displayed within a caregiving environment ultimately allows our seniors to feel at home.



The need for cultural competence in home care is growing as America’s population becomes more diverse and as more seniors choose to age in place. Healthcare workers at all levels must have a certain level of cultural competence to adequately care for patients. This is especially true for nurses and other direct care staff who […]

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Saarukh Posted on 10:04 pm - Nov 2, 2021

Love the idea of creating empathy through culture training

Sarah Posted on 9:52 pm - Nov 11, 2021

Excellent info – enjoyed the read.

Bin Posted on 4:15 pm - Nov 12, 2021

Amazing rad thought this was very informative and thought provoking!

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