Seniors prefer to live at home.

Seniors prefer to live at home.

Why Ontario’s seniors prefer to live at home as they age.

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More Ontario seniors prefer to live at home or their apartments as long as they can – studies back up this narrative as well. Covid has also created much fear in the senior population solidifying the ever growing need to want to remain where they feel safe. But is this possible? with the assistance of a home care giver it can be. In a recent letter to the premier a son writes that both his mother and father are determined to continue living at home and is appealing to have more support for home care giving. At Universal Health Hub #UNVHealthHub, we believe that the quality of this home care has to improve too; with empathy and culture competency being the core. Refer our blog Why Universal Health Hub values culture competency in caregiving. This is becoming the new norm for the younger generation where they are opting to arrange quality home care for their aging family member versus sending let them go to a long term care or retirement home. A push for a new outlook on senior care is upon us. Where there is an importance and focus on how to create a better version so that to allow seniors prefer to live at home with dignity and receive the proper support, assistance and care needed.

New Poll Shows Over 90% of Ontario Seniors Want to Live at Home as They Age, and Want Government to Invest to Help Them do it (

Alarmed by COVID-19, Ontario seniors want to live in their homes as long as possible: poll

Nearly 90 per cent of Ontarians aged 55+ say they want to stay in their own home and remain out of the province’s retirement and long-term care system as long as possible, especially because of what COVID-19 has wrought on those facilities, a new poll finds.

Archived – Aging with Confidence: Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors

Read our plan to support seniors at all stages of life, so that they can remain independent, healthy and active, safe and socially connected. Download PDF Give us your feedback

Older Ontarians prefer living at home to long-term care: Durham columnist

You may know the riddle: if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

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