How would you trust “any” caregiver to come to your home and provide care to your loved one.

How would you trust “any” caregiver to come to your home and provide care to your loved one.

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Would you as a family, hire someone from social media or classifieds to provide caregiving to your loved one in your home and that too in absence of family?

There are risks why it is NOT recommended to get in-home care from those you don’t know.

Hiring someone to take care of your aging family member is an important consideration especially when they may not be from that same social background, speak the same language and many other varieties of possible conflicts can come into play.

As a family directly hiring caregiver, do you check their Canadian qualification for educational fitment? What about first aid CPR, police clearance, vulnerability sector check, vaccination records? What about liability protection for any unfortunate mishap during the care? as a family how do you keep track of expiry and renewal of all documentation? On top of all, how does family manage when the caregiver calls in sick or goes away ? As a family, you redo all the work and also retrain the caregiver to your needs.

You can’t trust freelancers, but you can trust Universal Health Hub. At UHH, it is our job to verify all credentials before hiring a caregiver and also keeping the records updated. It starts with our background and police check, credential and vaccine verification and liability protection. Once hired, we continuously skill our staff for changing caregiver needs. We journal daily caregiving using our proprietary technology that helps us with seamless transition between leaving and new caregiver; wherein the family doesn’t face any challenges with change in caregiver if any.

Hiring an In-Home Caregiver: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

For older adults, in-home non-medical care might be the key to independence. However, the quality of care depends on the quality of the caregiver.

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