Frequently Asked Questions for our clients

Q1 What is the meaning of bonded caregivers?

A1 Hiring a bonded caregiver gives you piece of mind. Bonded means that we have acquired a bond that protects the client (you/ your loved one) against any unfortunate situations like thefts or damages when the caregiver is on-site. 

All our caregivers have passed a thorough police clearance requirements and are considered as trustworthy and reliable resource as the very basic criteria. Furthermore, they are certified on provincial standards of caregiving.

Q2 How much do I have to pay for home care services?

A2 Prices are determined based on schedule and duration of per visit. We take pride in designing a specific care plan per individual client and as such the prices would be aligned to the outcome. CLICK HERE for the three pricing plans that we offer for personal care. Contact us to learn more.

Q3 What covid restrictions are being taken by caregivers?

A3 We follow the public health directives consistently and take steps to implement the recommended guidelines in to our work standards as we strive to ensure that our client and our caregivers are adequately protected.

All our caregivers are updated with any new guidelines as well as a daily screening for any symptoms is conducted before the schedule begins. As well as caregivers carry personal protective equipment’s along with them always. Additionally, we also recommend that the client also participates in the symptom screening activity whenever the caregiver arrives onsite, so everyone involved is safe every time.

Q4 With so many private home care agencies around, why should i take caregiving services from Universal Health Hub?

A4 At UHH, we take pride in our customer centricity approach. Our passion is to simplify our client’s life by empowering them to live independently in an active and enriched manner as well as with dignity in the comfort of their own home. Therefore, we connect and nurture meaningful relationships with our customers at the deepest level. Additionally, we follow gold standards such as bonded caregivers with insurance, background verification cleared and up to date training through our online and in person trainings with a Practical Nurse.

Q5 How do you bring culture competency and empathy in your caregivers?

A5 We ensure our caregivers matched to client undergo learning about the client and their culture. Amongst the many attributes we use to design, serve our clients needs, culture competency is of the highest focus. In addition, our training system which aids our caregivers to be well-informed on cultural knowledge is constantly updated. We also believe in paying our caregivers well to ensure they can take care of their family well.

Q6 What is the process of requesting and receiving home care services?

A6 We strive to keep this as easy as possible as we are always excited to chat with you. If you are new client, simply call us or submit your contact information online choosing your preferred option to connect with us. We will contact you to book a free health care assessment at your home. If you are an existing client, please refer to your family page at the top part of this site, login with the credentials given to you then send us your request, we’ll action them on priority.

Q7 Do I have to pay for initial health care assessment? How often is the health care assessment?

A7 Health assessment is free and conducted once every year unless there has been major health changes.

Q8 How do i know if I need to request personal support or home support service when both are provided at home? Also, what is the difference between PSW and HSW?

A8 In a broad sense, if you require a caregiver to help with personal care that involves physical contact such as lifts and transfers then PSW service is advised. But if you only require an extra help around home which does not involve physical contact then HSW service is recommended 

For your information: Although Personal support worker (PSW) and Home support worker (HSW) provide care of individuals at their home, their scope of responsibilities does have a few differences along with the overlap

  • PSW is certified profession where individuals undergo extensive provincial/federal approved care curriculum whereas HSW individuals are recognized by their experience in caregiving
  • A certified PSW is trained to perform lifts, transfers of individuals in a safe way, help with personal daily needs like bathing, grooming, getting dressed whereas a HSW is NOT.
  • Regarding the overlapping responsibilities, both PSW and HSW provide light housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, medication reminders, watching companionship

Q9 Do i need to sign a contract for a minimum number of service commitment per week or month?

A9 No. We believe in building meaningful relationships that lasts longer than contracts which ends on a date. Although, we expect your each visit be 4 hours or more during the day and each visit be 8 hours or more during the night (after 9pm) ; due to the commute time and preparation of our caregivers.

Q10 Which locations do you serve?

A10 We serve all across Greater Toronto Area. Although, depending on demand of homecare and supply of caregivers in a certain neighborhood, time for us to arrange a service for you may vary.

Q11 How do you ensure that my home care service experience is seamless when I get visits from different caregivers from Universal Health Hub?

A11 Seamless home care experience is our core value proposition in the form of Customer Centricity. We have carefully designed and setup internal technology and transitioning processes that will ensure you will not feel the difference between the caregivers who come to your home.

Q12 Does Universal Health Hub provide maid services? What is the difference between Home support and maid service?

A12 Universal Health Hub does not provide maid service. If you need only cleaning services for your home, then we recommend you look for maid service. Our home support caregiver provides very basic house cleaning along with their other responsibilities.

Q 13 For families who cannot afford, what are the subsidized programs you have available?

A 13 We offer a few subsidized options of in-home care for those families in need. check out our “not-for-profit” resources on our website and speak to us to learn more.

Q14 What is family page and how can i install the app on my phone?

A14 Once you or your family starts to receive care from us, we create a dedicated secured area on our website for you and family. This is where you can login to see care records of your loved ones, check invoices, submit/change care requests, submit feedback and much more. Once your family account is created, you can login from desktop or mobile. We do not have an app, but you can pin the website on your phone home screen and it works like an app. here are some instructions to help you with your iphone:

Open on your Safari browser. At bottom of the page, click on “Family login”. Then tap the share icon at the bottom. Tap on Add to home screen. Done. Now look for the app like icon for UHH on your phone and launch it.