Covid safety

Our mission is to keep both: our caregivers and our clients safe and healthy.

Universal Health Hub [UHH] is passionate about enabling the senior population to lead a happy and healthy life. We diligently follow ministry of health directives and implement all the measures essential to keep our caregivers, esteemed clients, and their families safe during this difficult time.

UHH practices in place:

All our caregivers and internal team members have been trained regarding:

  • Symptoms
  • Safety protocols
  • Proper handwashing requirements
  • Respiratory etiquette
  • Warning signs of illness
  • Travel reporting requirements

All our caregivers practice to check for symptoms daily with at the start of day and we do not place a caregiver on duty for a minimum of 14 days or until cleared by medical authorities if :

  • Display or declare symptoms of the illness
  • They have been exposed to a facility where COVID-19 is being treated
  • Travelled to a location on the CDC advisory list in the past 2 months

If you are seeking care solutions, consider home care as a practical option for its ability to keep your seniors and loved ones safe in their own home by promoting social distancing

Please consider fully vaccinating yourself. Click here for more info

Other measures you can take to be safe is:

  • To routinely clean and disinfect objects and surfaces with anti-bacterial cleaners such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide and any solution that contains a 60%+ alcohol base.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for atleast 20 seconds especially after you have been to a public place.
  • Wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose when you are in a closed environment
  • Practice social distance always, keep a distance of 2 meters between yourself and other people.
  • If you are in a closed environment and do not have a face covering handy, remember to use the inside of your elbow or use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.