Senior Care for patients

If you or your loved one is returning home from a brief hospitalization or recovering from an injury, illness or treatment at Reactivation Care Centers, a fair amount of time is required in getting back to normal life. Also, a relative, spouse or family member may not be available on-demand and if they are they may not have the experience required to provide that transitionary support.

Medical research reports indicate that 20% of patients missed certain care procedures that triggered complications which to rehospitalization within 30 days. Most commonly reported incident is recovering patient falls that ended up into rehospitalizations.

In the recovery period, transitionary support is very essential in helping the patient to get back to normalcy. This is where UHH can be your best aid, we understand the detailed steps involved in transitioning from hospital to home care.

We can help with basic daily tasks such as these and others so you feel safe and comfortable through your healing process

  • Assisting to take medication, organize, set reminders etc..
  • Monitoring health,
  • Bathing
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
In-Home Care for seniors or elderly
Senior Foot Care

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