Pricing for Senior Personal Care by PSW

Toronto and Greater Toronto Area GTA pricing for personal care for elderly. senior care, dementia care, respite care, companionship.

Pricing for senior personal care by PSW is offered as 2 Simple Pricing Plans that are based on your need and budget. No complexities; one price for nights, weekends and holidays irrespective of the location in Toronto and GTA.

We believe in pricing that is simple and transparent. Once you decide what care plan fits your family needs; you have peace of mind since you do not have to worry about separate weekend or holiday pricing, separate pricing for location or separate pricing for health condition. There are no surprises. You pick the plan that meets your budget and schedule. You can always change your plan later. We believe in ubiquitous care, hence we offer the same care plans to you at your home, hospital and Reactivation Care Centre where you recovering and Retirement Facility where you need more more personal attention which is missing by shared caregivers on the retirement facility floor.

Hourly Care Plan pay as you go;
4 or more hours per visit
per hour
  • same price across Toronto and GTA
  • same price for nights, holidays and weekend
  • same price at home, hospital and RCC
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Once you have figured out your care needs, next step for you is to answer 2 simple questions below and find out how much it will cost you per hour. Your answer to these two simple questions, will determine the plan that suits your needs. Our minimum visit policy in the day is 4 hours and minimum visit policy in the night (after 9pm) is 8 hours. You have the complete flexibility to decide what timings of the day and what days of the week you need help.

Are you not sure what care plan here is best suited for you?

Answer these 2 questions and we can recommend what is the best care plan for you !!

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