Basic and Advanced Diabetic Nursing Foot Care with Basic Wound Care is the Certificate program if you want to be a Foot Care Nurse

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Universal Health Hub is a Health Care services company focused on geriatric care and education. We encourage women to be entrepreneurs. I am educating nurses in foot care and wound care so they can be their own boss and practice as an Independent Nurse.

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★★★★★ “I completed my foot care course with Maya. It was a very good learning experience especially encountering various foot conditions and their treatment.”

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★★★★★ “The program is flexible, and has a more affordable rate compared to other Foot Care institutions. The length of the program is about 1.5 month, but you can definitely finish earlier than that if you work hard and are determined to finish faster. You can do it even when you have a job or working.

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★★★★★ “I loved my journey of Basic and Advanced Diabetic Nursing Foot Care Course. The thing I loved about this course is that I got a vast knowledge about foot care which was completely new for me. I got the placements in different healthcare settings where I got to see different types of nail conditions.

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★★★★★ “I am in the Advanced Footcare program and I highly recommend it! I had a great experience as well as trained by experienced and reputable instructors. They are very accommodating, friendly and explain the material presented at a very understandable level. Especially Maya who was my instructor!

Fees and Nursing Education Initiative Grant (NEI)

The total fees is $2,650. Out of the paid fees, the students can claim the grant of $1,500/year from the WeRPN Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario ( or RNAO Nursing Education Initiative (NEI) Grant from the Registered Nurses’ Association Of Ontario (RNAO). We do not guarantee the grant since the approval is out of our control; but Universal Health Hub assists students with the all the necessary documentation for the approval. Included in the course fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE cost of $500.00

What all is included in the paid fees

  • Course material
  • 110 Hours of course duration that includes Theory Course and Placement at Patient Home, Nursing Home, Hospital and Retirement Facility.
  • Clinical placement of complex feet conditions under the supervision of our Foot Care Nurse Maya, who has done over 500 foot cares.
  • 2 kits of foot care tools
  • Contact of Foot care suppliers
  • Certificate in Basic and Advanced Diabetic Nursing Foot Care
  • Support to submit application for $1,500 grant from NEI

How to make money after foot care certification

  • Be your own boss and be an Entrepreneur : Work as a Foot Care Nurse visiting Homes and Retirement facility, Long Term Care.
  • Guaranteed foot care clients: Work with us as a Foot Care Nurse or work at Retirement Facility, Long Term Care or at a Home Care Agency.
  • Foot care nurses charge anywhere between $75 to $80 for one footcare. Seniors usually need follow-up appointments every 6 to 8 weeks. For 50 footcares you do every month, a foot care nurse makes $80 times 50 = $4,000 per month or more as EXTRA income apart from their regular job as RPN/RN

Read Maya Instructor Bio – HERE

To Register: email us copy/proof of below docs.

  • CNO Registration Number. All Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) that are in good standing with CNO College of Nurses of Ontario are eligible to apply for this certificate program
  • Photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport, PR card)
  • Proof of Liability Insurance (such as WeRPN or RNAO membership)
  • Proof of Covid-19 vaccination (optional)
  • Proof of other vaccinations: Hepatitis B, negative TB test result
  • Criminal reference check for the vulnerable sector

Mode of Instruction and Training

The theory program is offered both : In-Person class and Online; the students can pick any one mode of instruction. The placements are only in person. For those students that are located outside the placements in Toronto, we assist in scheduling placement dates such that the students travel to Toronto can be accommodated.

Location of In-person placement

We offer in-person placement ALL weekdays from 9am to 4pm in Markham, North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke. Pick location closest to you.

Duration of the Program

The program takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to complete and get a certificate.

Class schedule for the program

The program runs once every WEEK. Register whenever you are ready to start program.

How to Register

Note: This program is a NON-vocational program; categorized as Professional development and skill programming. READ MORE HERE

Best Practices we follow

Course Outline – Learning Outcomes

  • Examine and understand health and aging for a variety of perspectives, specified from ankle to feet.
  • Critically evaluate health and illness correlated to each foot conditions and nail abnormalities.
  • Adhere to ethical practices specifically relevant to safeguarding personal health information.
  • Demonstrate and perform with competence and independence in client consultation, treatment, and health teaching.
  • Provide individual-centered care approach depending on individual health challenge.
  • Understand the obligations as a Foot Care Nurse.
  • Competently and confidently function as an Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care Nurse, in various health care settings in the community.
  • Student will assess feet and nails, health teaching, trim/cut client nails, documentation, and sterilization techniques. Student will be
    observed for proper holding, techniques, and strategies of assessing feet, trimming/cutting nails, holding foot care instruments and
  • Learn the process and best practices of foot care service from start to finish; from booking appointment to documenting foot care
    assessment report.