The 3 most important things in Home care

The 3 most important things in Home care

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The 3 most important things for families receiving in-Home care

Over several surveys, our clients tell us that these are the most important to them when receiving in-home care:

  • Clear communication – before, during and after care ends
  • Several surveys, research and our experience providing in-home care to seniors and patients has proven that communication amongst everyone involved is very important to elevate a great care experience. The caregiver, the family and the individual receiving the care; all have to be on the same page. Also, timing of this communication between all of them is extremely important too. Key milestone timings are before the care, during the care and after the care hours are completed. At all of these stages, different and timely pieces of information need to be communicated. Universal Health Hub (UHH) not only acknowledges this but takes this very seriously in our processes.

  • Empathy
  • When we receive care from someone, one obvious expectation is that the person providing care is empathetic. So when families pay to receive care from caregivers, they do expect empathy. The extended hours and stressful working environment for caregivers makes it difficult for all of them to show continued empathy. But Universal Health Hub (UHH), takes empathetic care in it’s core value. Our processes through out hiring to training to compensation, we ensure that empathy is at the core value differentiation and that our caregivers are rewarded and recognized for demonstrating continued empathy.

  • Quality, punctuality and discipline
  • The last but not the least when it comes to family expectation is the quality of care which includes punctuality and discipline. Quality of care can be subjective, hence Universal Health Hub’s (UHH) care plan are tailored and person centric. Moreover unlike staffing agency, we don’t just send any available caregiver. We work several days through our processes to match our caregiver to the families. Further, our trainings/skilling ensure that each caregiver practices highest standards of professionalism. Time is money but in this case where care needs to be timely; time is health. Hence we have strong standards of punctuality and discipline in our caregiving.

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