In-home Personal aide or attendant for personal injury recovery

In-home Personal aide or attendant for personal injury recovery

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If you were at no fault for a personal injury, ask your lawyer to get you in-home care, such as a personal-aide or attendant.

If you are at no fault and can show reasonable and necessary cause, you may be eligible to receive this in-home care benefit under  Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, O. Reg. 34/10 (SABS).

The in-home care includes the services listed HERE under our Home Care for Patients.

Below is some helpful reading on how one can receive these services:

Attendant Care Benefits for Ontario Injury Victims

To qualify for attendant care benefits, you must show reasonable and necessary cause for requiring the services of an in-home personal aid or attendant.

Paying for a Personal Support Worker and Attendant Care After an Injury – Preszler Injury Lawyers

The cost of attendant care can be expensive, placing a financial burden on the shoulders of injured accident victims and their family members. Read more

You could recover in-home health care costs from personal injury under Ontario Health Insurance Plan OHIP. Ask your physician for a prescription.


If a person is injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, and makes a claim for damages or initiates a lawsuit, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care can recover its costs for health care and treatment. Each year, the ministry recovers over $12 million from insurance companies through subrogation.

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